Our History

Our history goes back nearly 35 years, beginning as a passion for a local couple that wanted to share their love of Jazz with their community. The Noone Family brought world-class Jazz to Glenwood Springs, an undertaking that began as a few concerts scattered over a year and grew into a series that included 8 hand-picked performances over the course of a summer, aptly named the series The Summer of Jazz. The series continued for 25 years under the Noone's and found its home at Two Rivers Park.

In 2011 the Noone's no longer had the energy to produce the series and the Glenwood Springs Arts Council stepped in, renaming it the Summer of Music. The Arts Council continued the tradition for an additional 7 years, forming a committee to help run the series. The Arts Council Summer of Music Committee opened up the series to include a variety of genres and encouraged the use of local bands as opening acts at each concert. 

After a rocky year for the Arts Council in 2017, the Summer of Music was in jeopardy. Recognizing the importance of the series, the City of Glenwood Springs took over to ensure its continuance. 

This year, the Glenwood Springs Summer of Music has formed its own 501(c)3 nonprofit with a Board of Directors comprised of past committee members. Each board member recognizes the series's importance to the people of Glenwood Springs and surrounding communities. It is their mission to insure the series lives on and to focus on the values of bringing people together, enjoying picnics, summer mountain evenings and great music.

As long as this community tradition has been in existence, it has remained free to the public. This would not have been, nor could it continue to be, without the support of individual donations and business sponsorships.

We are so grateful for the continued and generous support from our community.